About Us


Annexus is an education services company that provides high-quality outsourced educators to the global online education market.


Our educators work from the Annexus teaching centres that are based in various locations within South Africa. We utilise our clients’ platforms to deliver tailored education services to their students.

What sets Annexus apart is its seamless connection between people, processes and technology. The continuous integration, interdependence and co-dependence of these 3 pillars in global education continue to inspire the ethos of Annexus.

The company name has meaning both for our staff and our customers alike. The word “annex” meaning to attach, append, or add and the word “us” put across what the organisation is about. We want to be attached to / be a part of our customers in a way that brings meaningful value to the processes and people we are serving.

At Annexus, we believe that continuous innovation is the lifeblood and competitive advantage of any business. As a result of this focus on innovation, we are harnessing the power of the internet and other digital technologies to connect teachers and learners across the world. Annexus intends to become a leader the global journey that is reshaping the international education marketplace using the power of the Internet.

The core business focus of Annexus will be the matching of students of all ages, from different parts of the world with South African educators to study English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects. Classes will take place online, with each class having a duration of 30-minutes.

Annexus will establish various teaching centres in major cities across South Africa. The location of the teaching centres will be dependent on the availability of suitable teaching instructors in the different areas. Our educators work from the teaching centres and utilise our clients’ platforms to deliver education services to their students.

A secondary offering that Annexus provides to the market are outsourced business process services. The Annexus outsourced services offering includes:

  • Accounts payable service
  • Maintenance helpdesk service
  • Claims management service
  • Service desk outsourcing service
  • Document processing service

Our People

Specialist online educators

As a people focussed business, our biggest strength is the people that work for Annexus…

The Annexus staffing and recruitment strategy focuses mainly on recruiting unemployed youth graduates who are between the ages of 18-35. South Africa currently has a high youth unemployment rate and Annexus wants to contribute positively to solving this problem by focusing on creating employment opportunities that are targeted to the youth. All our educators are employed and managed by Annexus and online education services is delivered according to our client company’s standards and requirements.

Annexus is a Level Two B-BBEE contributor in terms of the new empowerment codes and is classified as an Exempt Micro-Enterprise with annual total revenue of less than R10 million. The business is 51% black youth owned and 25% black woman owned. Annexus recognises the empowerment challenges unique to South Africa and have thus identified a valuable opportunity to contribute to the empowerment objectives of the country through youth employment creation. We are committed to supporting the relevant industry B-BBEE Charter and Scorecard and in the spirit of transformation will put plans to transition to a Level One B-BBBEE contributor when we move beyond being recognised as a Qualifying Small Enterprise (annual total revenue greater than R50 million).