Specialised selection of educators

Our success at Annexus lies in our ability to be able to follow a carefully crafted search and select methodology when recruiting our educators. Our extensive networks and in-depth search canvas, means that we are able to reach an impressive selection of the best candidates in the South African marketplace. Our quality driven process is more accurate and more likely to succeed than conventional recruitment methodology.

The ultimate outcome is a more productive, creative and motivated educator who is more likely to make a contribution to the health, welfare and overall success of your business.

All our educators are employed and managed by Annexus and online education services is delivered according to our client company’s standards and requirements.

Why partner with us?

Our educators love their jobs, and are perfectly matched to their positions in energy, creativity and skills. So when you choose to partner with us, you choose the following:

A scalable plug and play solution.

Our teaching centre model ensures that customers are able to get access to quality educators quickly and easily. Educator capacity can be scaled up rapidly according to the needs of our customers in a short period of time.

Time zone benefits

Due to South Africa’s location.South Africa’s location offers opportunities for increased productivity and improved educator scheduling for customers based in Asia and Europe. The peak tutoring times of afternoon and evening in these locations are core daylight hours in South Africa.

All day availability throughout the year.

Our teaching centres are designed to be a 24/7 operation with guaranteed educator capacity available throughout the year.

World class technology platforms.

Our teaching centres offer world class technology solutions for hardware, software, networking and connectivity thus ensuring that our educators have 24/7 access to your online education platforms. We also utilise a unique in-house scheduling tool that allows us to match our educator capacity with your demand for teaching hours.

Qualified educators at competitive rates.

We offer positive and motivated educators with a tertiary qualification, resulting in increasing productivity and efficiency for your workforce.

Immediate cost savings.

A partnership with Annexus means that you no longer have to incur expensive recruitment costs upfront, resulting in an immediate cost saving.

Increased profitability and competitive advantage.

Outsourcing educator capacity to a trusted partner in Annexus, allows you to focus on growing your business, gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace and ultimately increasing profitability.

I am a customer for online educators

Annexus is excited about this opportunity to introduce our superior educator matching process and cannot wait to reveal the extraordinary value and results that a partnership with us will bring to your organisation.

Annexus would welcome the opportunity to engage with your organisation through an executive meeting.


I am an online educator/ teacher

Annexus continuously recruits qualified educators to become online teachers. (Provide link to online educator brochure).