Accounts Payable Services

Annexus offers an innovative and highly flexible Accounts Payable Service that provides our customers with the power to automate all of their accounts payable processes. The result of working with our outsourced partners makes for decreased processing costs, higher business intelligence, better service, and highly improved controls.


Maintenance Helpdesk Services

Our maintenance helpdesk services are tailored to meet every client’s specific business needs. Let us augment or even completely replace you’re existing external and internal maintenance help desk support. We offer 24x7 and even after-hours helpdesk support. Our best practices ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Claims Management Services

Our offered claims management services cover claims for restitution, compensation, repayment, getting owed for any loss or damage, etc. We also cover litigation and even claims made under voluntary arrangements.


Service Desk Outsourcing Services

We don’t believe in just outsourcing your desk service, we believe in transforming it!
Through our service desk outsourcing services, we can make running your help desk as hassle-free as possible. Annexus offers you a reliable solution that can empower your end users, conveniently address problems, analyze changes, smooth operation, improve communication with business stakeholders, cost-effective 24/7 support, and more!

Document Processing Services

It’s time to make your business digital!
Annexus has experience that helps our customers to analyze their current document processes. We offer ways to transition into the digital age. Through us you can leverage available technology to automate your business’ end-to-end workflows. We’ll provide the roadmap for implementing efficient document processing.